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Xi 'an to issue the first batch of the business license of a home stay facility

Date: 2018-11-16

Xi 'an twins branch of industrial and commercial bureau chief Ma Entai for home network landlord issue the business license of a home stay facility

In order to optimize the business environment, improve the service efficiency, relying on the electronic commerce law will come into effect on January 1, 2019, the background of November 8, in xi 'an twins branch of industrial and commercial bureau, the municipal industrial and commercial bureau, under the guidance and help of the first batch of the business license of a home stay facility in xian, a total of nearly 30 way home network landlord to deal with the individual business license of a home stay facility.At the same time, the scene also answer for the home stay facility landlord and cordial service.

"Feared expand the scale of a home stay facility have risk, now has the legal status of home stay facility legal development spring has finally arrived!"A home stay facility landlord at the scene said.Landlords have a business license, in the process of operation is an reassurance.

Recent home stay facility facing many problems such as safety, regulatory and community relations, and makes the home stay facility compliance, the problem of lacking home stay focused exposure, the home stay facility development trend and regulatory issues are highly attention and debate.To October, the state council general office issued the perfect mechanism of the consumption system implementation plan (2018-2020) ", the plan clearly put forward: encourage the development of rental apartments, short travel rental services such as home inn.The documents issued, no doubt, the home stay facility for the city development provides policy support.

For many years, the way home in promoting the process of setting up industry standards, promote legalization of home stay facility aspect is always a positive attempt.On April 19, 2018, road network with the shaanxi province "global intelligent home stay facility construction demonstration project" reached a strategic cooperation agreement.Will rely on ctrip group home stay online industry advantages, development of shaanxi b&b industry development planning, to improve and innovative people standard dormitory administrator.